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Dark Side of the Moon

A Legend of Dragoon Roleplay

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A Legend of Dragoon Roleplay


Five years after the defeat of Melbu Frahma, magical fallout from the destruction of the Moon That Never Sets is beginning to wreak havoc across the land of Endiness. There are reports of strange beasts raiding outlying villages. The Eastern Tribe is taking advantage of this trouble, and is growing bold enough to harass Serdio's borders. Perhaps the most concerning of all is that those who have died, recently and in times long past, are alive and well and wandering Endiness.

Things must be set right again, before Endiness is torn apart.


This RP includes both canon and original characters. Original characters may not be apped as dragoons. The number of Wingly characters in the game will be limited.

Dragons are played by their respective dragoons, unless permission has been given by the dragoon's player otherwise. Dragons belonging to former dragoons (IE, Feyrbrand, who belongs to Greham) are likewise played by the former dragoon's player. However, dragons cannot appear unless their dragoon is in possession of a dragoon spirit (IE, Greham has somehow regained possession of the Jade Dragoon Spirit).

To see which characters have been taken, please see this page.


Every character needs his or her own journal. Do not join this community with your personal journal. This roleplay is largely journal-based, meaning that that most character interactions will be through the in-character community journal (you're there). RP via an instant messaging program, such as AIM or YIM, may be used in some instances, but is not required. Finished IM logs will be posted in this journal.

For out-of-character interactions between players, please go to the OOC journal.

When making a post, please be sure to indicate where your character is (the 'Location' field on the 'Post Entry' page), as only other characters in the vicinity (same city) will be able to interact with your character. You may interact with characters further away by sending letters, but be aware that in some instances, letters may be intercepted or lost.


To apply, please see this post in the OOC community.


- There is no limit to how many characters you may play. Do not take more characters than you have the time, energy. or inclination to play.

- This roleplay is rated PG-13. It may include violence, swearing, and moderate displays of affection. If you absolutely must roleplay out extremely violent or graphically sexual scenes, take it out of this community.

- This roleplay has an activity requirement. A player must have some sort of significant IC interaction (more than just one small post, or one reply to someone) at least once every two months. Players who do not do so will be contacted by a mod. Repeated failure to interact in the roleplay will result in the player forfeiting their characters. Substantiated extended leaves of absence (aka: Life Happening) should be announced. If one of your characters is essential to a plot, you may be asked to find a temporary player, or to otherwise provide a reason for the character to be MIA.

-If you have personal issues with a player, leave them at the door. You will treat people with respect while in this roleplay.

-If you have issues with the way someone plays a character, tell them. Be honest, but be respectful. If you are the one being contacted about character portrayal, you are expected to be respectful and honest as well.


Comments and concerns may be directed to modmonster.

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