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25 July 2009 @ 02:59 pm
The time had come to round up the knighthood, and work toward the evacuation of Seles. Lloyd had no intention of attempting to fight off the entire Eastern army to liberate the town completely, that would be suicide. They were vastly outnumbered, even with his aid, and honestly Albert hadn't been specific. Freeing the citizens was as good as freeing the town, in Lloyd's opinion.

But first he had to find a knight, then he needed to get the knight to understand the plan. No small feat, if explaining things to them was going to be as difficult as explaining them to Shana had been. Hopefully the girl was having good luck getting the civilians prepared. This time he decided to search during the day, guessing that perhaps a knight would be more helpful when not half asleep and dealing with strange people unaware of curfews who somehow snuck past enemy lines.
19 July 2009 @ 03:04 pm
Five years had been known to do a great number of things. People changed, feelings changed, situations changed. Sometimes paths separated, and sometimes others came together. Shana's own journey hadn't been different. She had grown to accept who and what she was, and wondered what her future would hold. Would she remain in Seles for the rest of her days? Yes, it was her home. It was her very best to be in the place where she wanted to care for those who were still recovering from the war, and from all of the torment they'd been forced to endure.

Where was Dart? From what she had known, he had disappeared. She didn't know why, or where he had gone to, but he was always looking for something new. She didn't expect him to simply stand still and let the world move around him. Instead, she seemed to only be happy with the idea that he would one day come back home and return to her. Otherwise... She worried.

She truly believed that with the coming of the times, peace would reign--at least for a time. She hoped it would last forever, though, childish dreams from a juvenile woman, who had once been a juvenile girl. And even after all of that time, she continued to hold compassion in her heart. She'd never been more reminded of it than of when she looked toward the sky and found her freedom.
Current Location: Seles, Serdio
17 July 2009 @ 05:28 pm
Little did the people of Bale realize, their rumors were often a fountain of information for the inquisitive Wingly. After his meeting with King Albert he had spent some time simply listening, and learning more of the situation affecting Serdio at large. Seles was under assault, and no information had been getting in or coming out for some time now. The last reports had been that the citizens still lived and the city itself still stood, but that wasn't a guarantee any longer.

Curiosity, and perhaps some other motives, getting the better of him Lloyd set off to investigate the situation himself. While humans on horseback or foot could not break the lines, a Wingly under cover of night could slip past quite easily. After observing from a safe distance for a time he flew silently over the troops surrounding Seles and landed on the other side of the wall, straightening out his robes from the flight.

So, Seles had been repaired. Unfortunate that it was so convenient to lay siege to.
Current Location: Seles, Serdio
07 July 2009 @ 12:14 am
The great throne room at the palace in Bale stood empty save for the king himself who paced before his throne. He had received the news this morning from his ministers that the people of the eastern tribes had begun their push into his kingdom and the first casualty of this push was the town of Seles. Their sudden appearance and unexpected strength had cut the soldiers of the third knighthood who had been deployed to the area off from their return route to Bale. Futhermore, the knights who had managed to break away to bring him news of these happenings had been severely wounded by the Easterners during their escape. One had not survived the journey, the second had died upon arrival. Their deaths hung heavily upon the heart of the king, but that was for another time.

As of three days ago the town of Seles was still standing. The Easterners had surrounded the town and no one, be it man, woman, child, or knight, could leave the town or the surrounding area without being struck down, but as far as Albert knew the town itself still stood and the people were still alive. He knew little more than that and could think of no way to get more information short of sending in another knighthood to observe the situation. However, that course of action could itself lead to disaster.

Albert sighed and ran a hand wearily over his face.
Current Location: Capitol City Bale, Serdio
08 January 2009 @ 12:29 pm
 Lavitz Slambert shuddered violently. His stomach ached, his body pained him and for several moments, he was blind. He wanted to cry out, but found no voice, no strength to do so - but he felt something... ground? The pain ceased, and only then was he able to open his eyes, to take in his surroundings. Again, he continued to feel the ground, then himself... he was whole! He breathed in the stale, dusty air, and started to chuckle, though it sounded more like choking. Scrambling to his feet he looked around him - he vaguely remembered talking to Rose and Zeig, but where were they?

 Gasping, he spun around as multiple screams met his ears: there were more dead rising, their souls crashing back into their respective bodies. Lavitz stumbled back in horror, as the bodies began to seizure like he had done. It was an awful sight, so much pain in their faces. He rushed to the side of one, tiny toddler, and held her as she cried out. "Mommy! Where is my mommy?" She cried, Lavitz doing his best to calm the child. She began to calm, though the tears ran steadily down her pudgy cheeks, "Mister? Do you know where my mommy is?" He shook his head sadly, "No, I'm sorry, I don't seem to know where she is."
 He picked up the child, and began to walk around the death city, trying desperately to find this childs mother, and perhaps even Rose or Zieg. 'Maybe they moved on, just before... this happened... but really, what is this...'' Very much lost in his own thoughts, it took him a few moments to take notice of the child, who was wriggling free of his grip. He set her down, and watched as she ran over to her mother, both of them now in hysterics.

 Lavitz sighed, and figured he might as well try to get out of here, "If I am truly alive.. though getting out of here while dead would be much easier," he mused, slightly proud of his odd humour.
And so he started his adventure, to return to Bale, hoping to Soa that everyone else was still alive, and that things were okay.

Current Location: the death city; mayfil